Bilfinger supports Cadent in ensuring the supply of UK households with natural gas

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Bilfinger and the gas distribution network operator Cadent have launched their new framework agreement. The contract, which started in 2021, covers the diversion, modification and connection of various types of above ground installations (AGI) in England for a term of 5 years, with the option to extend twice for a period of a year.

Duncan Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Bilfinger SE, said: “This strategic contract award is a continuation of a long-term partnership in which Bilfinger is working with our customer to introduce innovation and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of project delivery. We have an impeccable safety and environmental record with Cadent, and are proud to support them in delivering natural gas to 11 million homes and businesses in the UK.”

Under the renewed agreement, Bilfinger UK will provide comprehensive services in the areas of engineering and design, automation and control, mechanical fabrication and installation, electrical and instrumentation (E&I), procurement as well as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The Bilfinger team, comprising up to 30 staff at Cadent’s East Midlands, East Anglia, North West and West Midlands AGI sites, will also take on project management duties in the roles as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer.

Vicky Hinchliffe, Head of Commercial, Cadent, said: “As a critical infrastructure provider, we look to engage with trusted partners. Cadent is content with the Bilfinger team’s performance to date and the safe and professional manner in which key milestones have been achieved. We look forward to continuing to work together not only to maintain our world-class safety performance, but also to further seek innovative, sustainable ways to lighten our environmental footprint.”

Bilfinger will take care of the replacement of the AGI’s obsolete pre-heat units, including design, procurement, installation and commissioning. Under the previous contract, Bilfinger have already successfully carried out this work for 16 of Cadent’s assets in Northern and Central England, in accordance with the customer’s strict safety and quality procedures.

Through improved design efficiency and the self-delivery of piping, Bilfinger was able to reduce the program for each site from 12 weeks down to 7-8 weeks. In addition, 3D laser scans of the sites not only optimised the design and installation in terms of time and cost benefits, but also lowered the environmental impact through the reduced number of trips required to the remote work sites. The Bilfinger team is looking to deliver further environmental improvements through the introduction of augmented reality (AR) glasses on the new framework.

Cadent owns, operates and maintains the largest natural gas distribution network in the United Kingdom, transporting gas to 11 million homes and businesses across East & West Midlands, North West of England, East of England and North London.

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